A Simple Plan to take back our Government

The Reset America plan is a peaceful transition of power that is guaranteed to us in our constitution.

But unless it happens now, then this transition of power will not be a peaceful one.

Our nation is collapsing.

Attention Friends, Neighbors and concerned Americans, I’m talking to you! We can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch our nation and world fall apart in the hands of self-serving ‘leaders’ who are only concerned with getting re-elected.

We have lost all confidence in our government.

We have lost our position as the most powerful nation in the world.

Our heath and quality of life are in peril.

Our planet and civilization are collapsing.

The future of democracy around the world is in jeopardy.

Think I’m being overly dramatic? You tell me. In a recent survey, "30% of Republicans and 12% of Democrats believe that “true American patriots” may have to resort to violence in order to save our country.” (Public Religion Research Institute)

When will we ever learn?

Don’t repeat the same mistake of going back and supporting the democrats just because a worse republican was president. Constant flip-flopping between two self-serving parties is not the answer. We are simply not going to change the system with the same people who created the very mess that we have today - and who profit by the system that they created.


Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Change can only come from outside a System.

I want to convince you that we can decide how we wish to be governed and not simply accept the model that’s offered by the 2 parties.


Every revolutionary change always comes from outside the system. There can be no other way. This is further true in politics where the people in power have the ability to create their own rules in order to prevent competition. However, we as a people can change this by simply electing candidates from outside our political system… These are people who care about our county and are willing to address our most pressing issues in an honest and intelligent way… people who are not beholding to their party or paid for by special interests.

Ben Franklin said that change can only come from one direction, from outside the system. Think about it. Every revolutionary change on the planet comes from outside the system. Just consider these recent examples.

The iPhone didn't come from AT&T.

Amazon didn't come from a department store.

Netflix didn’t come from a broadcast company.

AirBNB didn’t come from a hotel chain.

Uber didn’t come from a taxi company.

YouTube didn’t come from a TV network.

Even PornHub didn’t come from Playboy. :-)

If competition is good for all, then wouldn’t it be good for our political system as well?


Just think about it, the approval rate for Congress remains between 10 to 20%, but the re-election rate hovers between 90 to 95%. How can the re-election rate be so high when approval rates are so low? The only way that this could happen is if the two parties actively prevent any competition. The rich are always talking about how competition benefits everyone, yet they donate $ billions to the two parties who actively fight to end competition for good. 

Reset America’s 3 goals.

Our election process is corrupt and obsolete.

This brings us to to the question, “what do we do to fix this mess?” It’s not enough to get the American people to understand the truth. The change that we desperately need requires us to act.


The first step in creating any useful change is to have a democratic election process. This means that we must be able to vote for whoever we want – not just insiders picked by the elites of both parties... It means that we must eliminate career politicians… and it means creating equal rules for independent candidates.


Given that these facts are true, our first goal is to convince all Americans to only vote for candidates who support these three specific changes to our election process:


Ranked Voting to eliminate the Spoiler Effect


Term Limits to replace Career Politicians


Equal Campaign Laws to give 3rd party candidates an equal chance to be elected

We’re not saying that once we adopt these three policies that all our problems will go away overnight. What we are saying is that if we don’t make these three changes first, then we will have no chance of ever altering this unsustainable trajectory that our nation is headed.

What are the 2 parties afraid of?

If a candidate is elected and they do not pursue these 3 changes to our election process immediately, then we vote for a new candidate in the next election. We keep doing this until we have a Congress that is working for the people and not themselves. We don't know how this can be made any simpler. 


Next, we encourage people to make a list of values that they want to see in their own elected officials. Each person’s list will be different, but it doesn’t matter. All we ask is that you only vote for candidates that meet your conditions and not blindly vote for who the herd says that you should vote for.


Then we plan to persuade candidates to publicly endorse our own list of principles. We call this the Reset Principles. If a candidate swears to support these conditions, then they may proudly display the Reset America logo in all their promotional materials. By doing this, voters can easily identify which candidates are pro-competition and which are not.


It can't get easier than this.

The issues don’t matter.

Whatever your cause is, you will not achieve your goal under our current 2 party system.

The only chance that you will ever have to achieve your particular goals is to join together towards our common goal of creating a democratic election process. It doesn’t matter what we want to see changed in Washington. It’s a complete waste of time, money and energy to debate policy on any issue until we hold our leaders accountable... and this starts by changing how our leaders are incentivized.

The Reset America plan does not embrace any specific issue (other than resetting our election process of course.) We purposely don’t take sides or even care about how you feel about any partisan issue. You can be democrat, republican, liberation, green, pro-clown, or anti-clown. Our goal is to unify all people around our common desire to take back government from career politicians and the Washington establishment

We must fix the core problem first.

We don't care what your issues are. We only want your life and your goals to be in your control. For us, the only issue that’s important is what we can do to change the system.


Whatever is your particular concern, no changes are possible under our current system because it was built by the same people who profit from it.

Let's use global warming as an example. There has never been a greater threat to our species and planet than global warming. Fortunately, we know what we need to do to address this crisis, but unfortunately, these changes will never happen while a majority of our legislators have some level of interest in the success of energy companies. You may think that our most corrupt ‘leader’ is a republican, but you would be wrong.

Joe Manchin is a democrat congressman who is single-handedly holding up important legislation that will combat the dangerous effects of global warming. Is he doing this because he thinks that this is best for the US? You tell me. Manchin chairs the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. It is a key position in ensuring our country pursues more climate-friendly policies. But he is adamantly opposed to addressing the effects of global warming.


Here’s why. He and his family own a coal company, Enersystems. Last year alone, he was paid $491,949 in dividends, which is a fraction of the over $5 million that he’s been paid thus far from his business. He also receives the most funds from the oil and gas industry with ‘donations’ from fossil fuel PACs exceeding $1.6 million from May 2020 to May 2021.

They’re supposed to be public servants, not servants to themselves.

As if this isn’t bad enough, Manchin can trade stocks based on the decisions his committee makes and how he votes. But he’s not the only legislator who is guilty of insider trading and bribery. All members of congress are allowed to trade srocks, options and futures based in information gained from doing their job. The majority of congress supports policies that benefit themselves, while jeopardizing our future. Worst of all, this is all legal.

Is there any more obvious conflict of interest? Regardless of which ‘side’ you’re on, please say that you believe that this is wrong. If you’re desperate to latch onto a conspiracy theory, latch onto this one (only this is not as theory!)

We must put our differences aside and work together.

The only chance that you will ever have to achieve your own particular political goals is to join together to achieve our common goal of creating a democratic election process.


So, as you can see, we cannot address global warming while congress is owned by the energy industry. But this isn’t true for just this one issue, here are other issues important to people and why change won’t happen under our current system.

You can spend your life trying to end wars but how can we possibly have peace when so many people profit from war?

You can fight for election reform but both parties are terrified that voters will look outside the 2-party system, so they make it impossible to compete fairly.

You can be an advocate for holistic medicine but some of our nation’s biggest lobbies are big pharma, health care and insurance.

You can protest against unlawful convictions but in our justice system, everyone down the line, from law enforcement to prosecutors to judges to prison officials, are incentivized to keep more people trapped in the system.

You can be an advocate for buying local but small businesses don’t stand a chance when Congress is controlled by big business.

You can try to expose government waste but the entire Washington establishment profits from excess spending, expanding control and the exchange of favors for jobs and jobs for sale.

You can fight for campaign finance reform but the entire system is about re-election and fundraising, and with a 90% re-election rate, why would the 2 parties want to make any changes?

You can encourage personal savings but how are families expected to reduce their debt when our government incentivizes borrowing and discourages savings?

You can fight for social justice but how can congress understand the needs of the disadvantaged while most of its members are old, white, rich, male, career politicians?

You can fight for term limits but we don't stand a chance of ending career politicians when Congress is able to pass laws regulations that directly benefit themselves. What ever happened to checks and balances, or conflict of interest?

Get the point?

These are all worthy causes – as well as hundreds of others - and we commend you for being involved. But regardless of what you want, nothing will change while career politicians are benefiting from the system they created. This is why it is vital that all people, regardless of the issues, unite over our common goal of electing legislators who are not for sale.

The Book: Mistaken Beliefs

Can this change happen? Yes, but first, we need to understand the reasons that are preventing it. These are the hidden causes that stop us from creating the very change that we want. These obstacles are the result of ‘mistaken beliefs’ that we embrace as a society. These beliefs are terribly wrong, and they effect how we think and act. In the book, we reveal the real problem in government, and it will probably surprise you.

There are never just two sides to an issue.

What’s more, there are never only two solutions to a problem. In fact, there are practical solutions that cost nothing to make happen, but these are not even considered because they don’t help those in power. (Some of these are covered in the book, Mistaken Beliefs.) In contrast, the only solutions that are considered are those that help congress get re-elected which requires returns for favors and putting money in their pockets.

We need a second revolution now.

Literally any solution to any problem starts by having the courage and common sense to vote for candidates outside the 2 parties.

We fought a revolution to take control of our government from the British. It’s time for us to take back control of our government from the 2 parties.