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Letter to Ron Paul Supporters

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Reset Gov't Before it's Too Late

Reorganizing Government around Today's Challenges


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Do you Really Expect to be
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Being Present and Story Pollution

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RESET America!


Jingozian wins Iowa Straw Poll

RESET America is a Viable Plan to Save our Nation
and Freedoms while Valid Solutions Still Exist

Our Nation is faced with a multitude of converging catastrophes (a list appears here). They are growing in number and getting worse everyday. There is no chance that these issues will be fixed (or even addressed) by the Democrats or Republicans who profit by the status quo. What’s more, our problems continue to get worse - and we are running out of time to implement valid solutions that are possible today.

Our only viable course-of-action is to vote for non-2 party candidates. Now, more than ever, America needs people in government who have the courage and integrity to put the interests of others above their own. We MUST break this harmful 2-party system before it's too LATE! Together, we can protect our Freedom and way of life while repaying the sacrifices made by our forefathers.

Ben Franklin
"Change can only come from one direction… Outside!"
- Ben Franklin

  • If you have ever said, “I’ll do anything for my kids ...
  • If you feel any responsibility to the millions of people who died for our freedom...
  • If you want to encourage Freedom around the world
    by being a true example of Democracy then…

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