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I have been very impressed (Ken)
Michael, I have been very impressed with you and your staff of campaign enthusiasts since I met you at the LSLA in Vegas and while it is a little disappointing to not have you on the top of the Presidential ticket, I am thrilled to see you take up the reigns of Vice-chair for the National Party. I hope you had a wonderful time in Colorado and know that you have a small army of activists just waiting to jump at any chance to give you a hand. Until then, we have a furious schedule of outreach lined up for the summer. I hope you can unpack that suitcase and put it away for awhile too!
Ken Wyble

I decided to join the LP (Alice)
I saw you on C-span. I’m so happy that you are the new vice chair. You give me hope in our political system. I have decided to join the LP. If I knew that you were considering running for that, then I would have joined the LP sooner and attended the convention.
Alice, Tucson, AZ
I would love to work with RA (Jeff)
I heard about you at the LP convention (I’m a newcomer to the party) and proudly voted for you. I would love for my group to work with this Reset America here in Iowa. Jeff, Iowa City, IA
I hope you continue (Jeremy)
Mr. Jingozian, thank you so much for your campaign for the LP nomination. Although I preferred another candidate, I really liked your "Reset America" campaign and hope that you will continue your pursuit of public office as a Libertarian. Good luck in the future, I wish you all the best!
Jeremy, Cleveland, OH
I can stick with the party (Michael)
Congratulations on winning the vice-chair position. I had told Mr. Jingozian at Tacoma that I intend to support him for 2012 (Gravel \'08), but after the right-wing takeover of the ticket at Denver I was ready to give up on 28 years of Libertarian voting. Learning that you have the LNC position means I can stick with the party a while longer to see how it goes. Thanks.
Michael, Vader WA
I was very impressed (Chris)
I would like to thank you for entering the race for the Presidency this year. Although I admittedly hadn't heard of you at the beginning, and also worked briefly for Dr. Phillies' campaign, I was very impressed by your campaign. You are a fine communicator of libertarian principles. Thank you again for your fine performance in this election and for doing your part to advance libertarianism. Best wishes in future elections!

Michael Jingozian

Former Vice Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee

Greetings Friends and Patriots,

I am overwhelmed—and deeply flattered—by the number of people who ask if I intend to seek the 2012 Libertarian Party nomination for President. Almost every day, I receive an email or a phone call from a concerned Libertarian or other impassioned individual who encourages me to run.

As a Libertarian Party member for 30 years, I want to do as much as I can to protect our liberty and abolish the nation’s destructive two-party system. And I would very much like to seek the party’s presidential nomination. However, in all candor, I do not presently have the time to run the type of campaign that the membership of the Libertarian Party deserves.

It has been a year since I had the honor to service as Vice Chair of the LNC. The time that I invested to expose the failings of America’s two-party system and strengthen our organization was very fruitful and worthwhile. However, during this past year, I’ve felt that it has been necessary to focus my attention on securing the future of my business and the well-being of my family. I am happy to report that my business is on a healthy growth track. (As a matter of fact, AngelVision—my primary business venture—was rated by Inc. magazine for the fourth consecutive year as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.)

My current intention is to seek the Vice Chairmanship of the Libertarian National Committee, beginning in 2012. I intend to run for re-election as Vice Chairman in Las Vegas during Memorial Day weekend, next year. I believe that my experience and track record would prove very useful to the LNC at this time. My longer term goal is to serve as Chairman of the LNC. Unfortunately, the same time constraints that prevent me from seeking the Libertarian Presidential nomination also prevent me from serving as Chairman for the near term.

I have not ruled out a presidential run down the road. In 2008, my team raised and invested more than $300,000, building an organization and messaging strategy that would make it realistic to capture five percent of the national popular vote. All of this work is finished and virtually all of it can be reused for a future presidential campaign.

I greatly appreciate your ongoing encouragement and inspiration. While circumstances can always change, I do not presently intend to seek our party’s 2012 presidential nomination. Thank you, and let’s continue our fight to build a nation where every man, woman, and child is truly sovereign and free.

In Freedom,
Michael Jingozian


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